Train Time
Frequently asked questions
Q: Where do the timetables come from?
A: The train timetable data is from the publically accessible train schedules published by Metrorail.
Q: Does the information on the site reflect live cancellations or delays?
A: Unfortunately we are not currently notified of cancellations or delays by Metrorail and as such the site does not reflect live information. We are investigating options for implementing this feature, dependant on integration with Metrorail.
Q: Why are the trains on my line often delayed and/or in such poor condition?
A: Unfortunately we cannot assist with your train related complaints or queries. This site was developed by Grapevine Interactive and has no link to PRASA or Metrorail.
Q: Could you add the departure platform number for major stations?
A: This feature was not built into the current version of the site and may be included in future versions. We are currently focussing on adding all lines to the site.
Q: Can I find the times for 2 or more trains across different routes, as this makes up my daily commute?
A: Yes, however this would have to be done manually by checking each route separately.
Q: What does it mean when I see “BusExpress” next to the train number?
A: This train is a Business Express which requires a special monthly ticket. Inquire at Cape Town station ticket office (Strand Street side) for a monthly Business Express ticket.
Q: What does it mean when I see “n/a Friday” next to the train number?
A: This train does not run on Fridays. It is only available from Monday to Thursday.